OPEN STUDIO EVENT - October 6, 2018

Three years here on Maine’s Mid-Coast have exceeded our wildest expectations as well as have filled our studio with samples, new work, and great energy!

We have taken an opportunity to clean our space, purge, and dive head first into our next three years here by opening our studio for a day and showcasing other Stockton Springs Artists. Two Itinerant Artisans will also display decorative samples, works-in-progress, textile work, and a glimpse into what it is we do.

Our new friends and neighbors at The Hichborn will provide light refreshments with Kirk P. Linder displaying new Artwork. Fredrick Kuhn will show paintings from his NON-STOP Series, Allegra Kuhn will have four new hooked wall hangings on view, and Peter Walls is showing old and new mixed media paintings.

We look forward to seeing all of you on October 6-

Two Itinerant Artisans

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Rethinking Stencils

2018 has been a busy year to say the least. . .. . .. ..   With that said we have had time to rethink a tried and true technique in our decorative arts toolbox-  The Stencil.

These new experimentaions with a raised plaster stencil technique and with our Maine Coast in mind,  Penobscot Bay in particular, has made for some great samples and wall pieces.

2018 is well underway, but a brief look back.. .. .....

2017 was a busy year for Two Itinerant Artisans, as they all seem to be, and we were very happy to get mentioned in Maine Home+Design working alongside Megan Van der Kieft of Margo Moore Interiors on this incredible project. Collaborating with Megan and a fabulous client we developed and applied surface treatments, for the entire interior of this lakeside cabin, that played off of Megan's great fabrics, furniture selections, lighting, and hardware. Painted floor designs based on historic textiles, a whimsical stair rail treatment, aged and distressed wall and cabinet finishes, and a ton of detail work make this a special project! 

See what we have been up to and what we have planned for 2018:


“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been”

― Rainer Marie Rilke


We (Two Itinerant Artisans) are welcoming 2017, with all the things that have never been, with terrific attitude and the vigor to match. We've been dreaming up all the new possibilities for new decorative finishes, murals + artwork, in new places and spaces, with the continued passion for the mark of the hand. With that said, none of this would be possible without our wonderful, adventurous clients that keep us transforming their walls, ceilings, floors and furniture - Peter and I, thank you.

And in the continuous spirit of things that have never been, our website has never been refreshed and updated to help reflect who we are as designers + painters of the decorative arts. You can also expect, throughout the year, the addition of our decorative studio work making its way onto our site. Please take a look at some of our new completed projects. (click here to see the changes and additions.) Enjoy + imagine the possibilities for your home, space + place!

Allegra + Peter  - your two itinerant artisans

An impromptu Christmas Mural

We recently put up our christmas tree and as always tend to extend the seasonal cheer into other places throughout our home. As part of our mission to continue to create beauty, everywhere, Peter drew an impromptu birch tree mural on our dining room chalk board as way to complete the corner, add that extra exclamation point to the seasonal merriment. A mural doesn't have to be painted, or permanent - sometimes something temporary is just enough, and all you need until the next inspiring thought or idea comes around the bend.  Two Itinerant Artisans  Happy Holidays!

The Glazed and Painted Wooden Floor

The glazed and painted wooden floor can make the conventional memorable!

Whether you have:  Reclaimed or new: pine, fir, cherry, or white oak floorboards, a decorative pattern created with a custom mixed glaze and stain will bring your kitchen, bath or stairwell out of the standard domestic level. After the design is completed the floor is sealed, giving years of use and unmatched beauty.


The decorative design possibilities are endless; and with the use of hand-cut, custom stencils you can create one of a kind rooms. The images you see are wonderful examples of showing how the beauty of the wood is still apparent despite the glaze painted on. In our next edition, we’ll speak to color in designs and patterns that do not need a great wood base to begin with.

With Warm Regards,  Allegra + Peter- Two Itinerant Artisans

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The Interior Mural

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 7.23.14 AM.png

The interior mural in the home is such a personal thing; it can entail as little or as much detail as the imagination brings. Commissions can appear in any room in the home and make quite the transformation. (Above) is a celestial star mural in our clients library; the end result helped make the room cohesive and was stunning. (Bottom) the room was finished with a wall mural commemorating the original owner of the home, Jacob Collamer. The mural tied into the homes color palette to create a seamless flow from wall to mural using trompe l'oeil elements to give extraordinary depth to the painting. Tromp l’oeil - an illusionary wall painting; and a great way to “add” the illusion of space in a smaller home or room. Whether contemporary or historical a mural adds a distinctive quality to ones setting.

With Warm Regards,  Allegra + Peter- Two Itinerant Artisans


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Faux Graining

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 7.23.14 AM.png

Historically graining was done to mimic woods that were not cost effective back in 13th century England and at its height in the 18th century. Therefore ribbon mahogany, oak, maple and rosewood were “reproduced” often loosely and beautifully interpreted; in some instances called “Fantasy” graining.

The spirited piece owned by one of our clients (the antique sewing cabinet seen below) is a wonderful example of how playing with graining can add “texture” to form and space that otherwise may need a good infusion of interest.  The scale and quality of mark making are varied on this piece to add continuous interest to the eye. Playing with more energetic color and stenciling (think monograming) presents a potential unique and custom piece for the client. Again, the fun additive possibilities of mark-making, color and scale are endless and can be quite enjoyable to live with for a long time to come.

With Warm Regards,  Allegra + Peter- Two Itinerant Artisans

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The Painted Chest

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 7.23.14 AM.png

The early New England Blanket Chest (left) is a great example of grained and decorated furniture that never goes out of style, especially when it is rethought in terms of contemporary living.


Working in collaboration with designers and craftspeople to re-envision new pieces can give you an updated yet timeless piece. When properly executed pieces can be handed down to the next generation. The painted piece (below) was custom designed and created as a sideboard in a lakeside New Hampshire home. Using an antique wedding chest design as inspiration for its decorative finish complements the owners living style. 

With Warm Regards,  Allegra + Peter- Two Itinerant Artisans

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The Tiffany Wall Finish

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 7.23.14 AM.png

Glazing, and color blending are all a decorating process, by which a wall is painted with multiple applications of colors to produce an iridescent, mottled effect. Often if large expanses of one solid paint color are applied it can make a room feel flat. Adding the blended, mottled “Tiffany” Finish will warm a room. Carefully choosing colors that work with adjoining rooms, can seamlessly create an elegant home.

Tiffany Wall Glaze

Tiffany Wall Glaze

Although back in the early 20th century single color walls glazes were prominent in stately homes, it was the influence of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s glassware that brought the multi-color glazes into style - appropriately appointed as the “Tiffany glaze.” 

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     To distinguish your space even more, add stenciling to a glazed wall finish. (Image above)      

To distinguish your space even more, add stenciling to a glazed wall finish. (Image above) 


Tiffany Glazed Walls in Taupes and Greens.

Tiffany Glazed Walls in Taupes and Greens.

With Warm Regards,  Allegra + Peter- Two Itinerant Artisans

• 189 Main Street Stockton Springs, ME 04981 • 207-616-6675 •