The Stripe.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 1.34.25 PM.png

Who doesn't love a good stripe?! it's classic, it's universal and heavily steeped in history. This is one design element that can be made to look serious, bold and zany.  It can be offsett, slanted, undulating and meandering. It is great fun to paint and even more fun to see applied in unexpected ways. Just the other day Peter and I had the priveledge to view a space, a space that produces artistic and inspiring work.  The stairwell leading up to it was one of those forgotten areas and lacked the emotion and sense of anticipation that one should/could feel leading up to such a creative space!  Here was an opportunity to work with the person to help her extend her creative vision outside of the studio. Big, bold and fabulous painted stripes -exactly what the stairwell needed. Do you have one of those overlooked spaces? Opportunity awaits -made as simple or complex as can be. 

Stay warm,

Allegra+Peter  (your Two Itinerant Artisans )