Sky Mural

The Interior Mural

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The interior mural in the home is such a personal thing; it can entail as little or as much detail as the imagination brings. Commissions can appear in any room in the home and make quite the transformation. (Above) is a celestial star mural in our clients library; the end result helped make the room cohesive and was stunning. (Bottom) the room was finished with a wall mural commemorating the original owner of the home, Jacob Collamer. The mural tied into the homes color palette to create a seamless flow from wall to mural using trompe l'oeil elements to give extraordinary depth to the painting. Tromp l’oeil - an illusionary wall painting; and a great way to “add” the illusion of space in a smaller home or room. Whether contemporary or historical a mural adds a distinctive quality to ones setting.

With Warm Regards,  Allegra + Peter- Two Itinerant Artisans


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