Painted + Woven + Painted Textiles


Peter Walls

In the 1980s Margery Walls taught Peter to sew by hand and on a Singer sewing machine, in 2005 he learned Shibori and Art Cloth techniques with Jane Dunnewold and in 2014 he was taught to weave by Allegra Kuhn; His current weavings-paintings are the direct result of a painter weaving painted weavings and is strictly based upon play and the exploration of form and material. Fabric is painted, manipulated, woven, and reworked as necessary resulting in hand-woven + hand painted “Art Cloth-Artwork”. Peter looks to push his painting and textiles in new directions not wholly focused on the craft of weaving or painting, but upon extending the boundaries of what he thinks possible for creating new works of Art. Above all he enjoys the process of making as is evident in the work.