Surface, Material, and Finish Consultation

Two Intinerant Artisans has over 20 years in the design field and has the resources and understanding of how materials work together for design and aesthetic purposes. We can work with your team in a number of ways to develop a material and finish plan that can be executed by Two Itinerant Artisans or by your team of capable finishers- or by both.

As part of our service decorative finish samples will be created with an implementation plan- including hands on training for you and your crew to ensure you get what you see.  A visual presention of how these finishes fit into your project scope will let you and your client know how all of the pieces fit.

We encourage architects, contractors, developers, and interior designers to sit down with us and see how we can assist in making you project stand out from all others.


"Great design does not happen by chance."

Two Itinerant Artisans knows that the whole design thought is the most important part of any project. Depending on your location and project we can introduce you to designers we know and trust to bring your project to fruition. For over 25 years we have worked with designers from New Orleans to Maine and have resources here in New England that allow us to make that introduction if your project is ready for that next step.  


"The paint is what you see at the end of every project, not everything that came before."

Two Intinerant Artisans also knows that paint does matter. It is the last thing completed on a project and is what anyone who visits a project sees, feels, and experiences. If you neglect to apply a good quality paint finish on your walls, ceilings, floors and wood trim you do not do justice to the craftsmanship under those coatings.  We look carefully at your project, your budget, and your expectations to finish your home or business the way you see it.